Selecting between Tower, Rack, and Blade Servers

Marigold Systems, LLC, pic
Marigold Systems, LLC

Based in Southern California, Marigold Systems, LLC, offers customers a full range of hard drives, refurbished servers, storage arrays, and components at wholesale prices. A key question faced by businesses selecting products from Marigold Systems is whether to invest in towers, racks, or blades.

Similar in appearance to traditional tower PCs, upright tower servers fulfill a number of distinct functions that exceed those of PCs. They house a variety of standard components, configured to user needs, including motherboards, hard disks, CPUs, and networking equipment. This can be bulky, and tower servers typically require space that exceeds rack and blade units.

Rack servers are a space conscious solution typically used by businesses and groups of users seeking to maximize efficiency and computing power. One issue commonly faced is that multiple servers housed in close proximity generate heat, thus necessitating the use of energy-consuming cooling systems.

The blade server is uniquely designed with a modular configuration that significantly reduces the energy footprint and required space. However, this is accomplished through the removal of a number of components, and its applicability depends on individual computing needs.


Understanding Technology Acronyms



Marigold Systems offers carefully tested new and refurbished servers and hardware. All of its servers come with two PSUs. If you don’t work in the field of information technology like the employees of Marigold Systems, tech acronyms may not be something you hear every day. If that’s the case, you’re not alone.

PSU stands for power supply unit, which converts AC power to DC power in a computer. Most servers include two or redundant power supplies in case one fails. There are many other tech acronyms that most non-tech people may not know, but the knowledgeable sales staff at Marigold Systems is always happy to lend a hand.